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Indiana Motor Truck Association's (IMTA) Gary Langston presented Scopelitis Partners Shannon Cohen and Andy Light with an award of appreciation for Scopelitis' tremendous involvement during the 2017 Legislative Session.

Angel investing is by its nature a risky endeavour. Every investor naturally has an overarching goal to minimise risk and maximise returns. In the context of angel investing, ensuring that the relevant elements needed to achieve this are in place is easier said than done.

Investor syndicates are an excellent way of optimising risk and return. In broad terms, a syndicate is simply a group of investors that work together to leverage each other’s resources. In this way, investors can work as a group to find, access and invest opportunities, and thus as a group to can benefit from sharing in the associated risks and rewards. When it comes to the structure of a syndicate there is no set modus operand. The syndicate structure can be established to suit the investors’ preferences and thus a gradient of alternatives might apply. 

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Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary has been named to BTI’s 2018 Client Service A-Team Report. Scopelitis received special mention in the report’s Client Service Honor Roll for demonstrating all 17 of BTI’s signature activities for driving growth, which are those factors that BTI interview participants consider to be paramount in fostering exceptional relationships.

This marks the sixth consecutive year that Scopelitis has been named to one of BTI’s client service excellence lists. Firms included in BTI’s lists are recognized as unparalleled leaders in relationship management. The BTI Client Service A-Team Report is the only law firm ranking based solely on direct, unprompted client feedback from 350 independent, in-depth interviews with corporate counsel at the world’s largest companies. BTI focuses on law firms that legal decision-makers recognize for consistently delivering the top-notch client service.

BTI’s Client Service A-Team Report can be found here.

Trends covered in this issue:

  • States Prepare for 2018 Sessions
  • The Emerging Economy Continues to Impact Legislatures
  • IC Certification Procedures on the Rise?
  • Appropriations for the Department of Transportation Advances in the House
  • FMCSA Administrator Nomination Announced
  • Joint Employer Clarification Bill Advances
  • Autonomous Vehicle Bills Advance

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Mark Hucker joined VG (Formerly: Volaw Group) as its new Managing Director in January 2017. He reflects on his new position within Jersey’s fiduciary services industry, and the changes within the sector.

I left my last role in the fiduciary sector in 2011, glad to get out of an industry where clients, confidence and customer choice seemed to be in slow decline. And to some extent my pessimism has been borne out in Government statistics – any real “growth” in the headline figures for the sector over the past few years has been driven by increased expenditure on Compliance personnel – yes, one in 20 of us in the finance sector in Jersey now has a Compliance title and yes, staff costs are included in the calculation of Gross Value Added (GVA) produced by the Office of Statistics!

So why climb back aboard the sinking ship in 2017, especially in the wake of Brexit and Trump? Well of course it’s a combination of factors at a sector and a business level.

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