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As a modern Finance Centre the Isle of Man provides a wide variety of legal structures for businesses & individuals, including 1931 & 2006 Act Companies, Foundations, Trusts & Limited Partnerships.

Historically 1931 Companies were the only option for those looking to incorporate their business, but more recently clients have opted for the flexibility that 2006 Act Companies can offer, and for some clients looking to incorporate whilst simplifying regulation, an Isle of Man Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) can be a viable alternative.

Originally popular in the USA and offering many advantages for small businesses over sole traders or 1931 Act Companies, the LLC was established on the Isle of Man in 1996 as a hybrid structure bringing in attributes of both a Company and a Partnership.

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The Citywealth Powerwomen Awards 2017 were announced at an awards dinner event hosted by Mark Durden-Smith at the Rosewood Hotel in the City of London on Wednesday 8 February 2017. The awards recognise individuals and companies who maximise the potential of women in the finance industry.

Karen Grieve, an Associate Director within Volaw’s Wealth Structuring Group, won a Bronze award in the Business Growth (Professional Services) category, reflecting a very successful year for Karen, who also featured on the Citywealth Leaders List for the fourth year running.

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Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, P.C., has announced the opening of its 13th U.S. office in Salt Lake City, Utah. Scopelitis partner and international transportation attorney Nathaniel Saylor will launch the Firm’s Utah presence.

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By Basil Bielich, director in Peregrine Corporate Services Limited 

It was during my visit to Washington to attend the annual TAG Alliance conference that I started to think about the reasons people move from their country of birth to find a better life. It was the week prior to the United States Presidential election - one of the candidates campaigned to “Make America Great Again”; the other was campaigning for America to be “Stronger Together”. The local lawyers and accountants that I spoke to seemed to be unsure how they had been left with the choice between two uninspiring candidates. 

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These notes were written on Monday 12th December, and all the information is accurate at that date: where quoted, stock market figures are as at 30th November.

2016 is a year that has seen some remarkable developments, but surely on 12th December we are now safe to look back over the year: nothing else can happen in the last two weeks of the year. Can it…?

Looking Back

In the hope that it can’t, let’s take a look back at 2016, starting in the UK with some chap named Cameron (if the name rings a bell it may be because his wife has just launched a fashion label…).

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