Success Stories

There is no better way of illustrating to a potential client or prospective member the valuable collaboration that occurs among TAG Alliances members (TAG-SP, TAGLaw® & TIAG®) to meet client needs than through the use of success stories. Below are some of the most recent success stories from our members.

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If you are a TAG-SP member and would like to share a TAG-SP success story, please contact TAG-SP's Senior Director, Marketing & Technology, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

mcleod hub“McLeod Law is currently working on a complex multi-jurisdictional matter referred to us by Peter Matson at HUB International (North America - TAG-SP). Peter’s excellent relationship with his client made the onboarding of the matter a very smooth event.”

-Brent Cooper; McLeod Law (Alberta, Canada - TAGLaw)


"We were pleased to assist a number of TAGLaw members in 2011 whose clients have operations or do business in Australia. A few examples include: when we had the opportunity to assist MAQS Law Firm (Sweden & Denmark - TAGLaw) on the Australian aspects of the acquisition of a multi-national carbon manufacturing business, and when we assisted Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss (Michigan, USA - TAGLaw) with the proposed acquisition of an Australian research company and advised them on various aspects of Australian law and the business sale agreement."

—Anthony Phelps; Piper Alderman (New South Wales, Australia - TAGLaw)


"Last year, our firm was in need of some information about Canadian law. Someone suggested that I visit the TAGLaw website and contact a Canadian TAGLaw firm. The quick and thorough response I received from counsel in both Harper Grey, LLP (British Columbia, Canada - TAGLaw) and Blaney McMurtry, LLP (Ontario, Canada - TAGLaw) was extremely helpful."

—Roderick I. Mackenzie; Lindquist & Vennum (Colorado, Minnesota & South Dakota, USA - TAGLaw)


"We received a referral from Alex Lever of the Dutch law firm Nysingh (Netherlands - TAGLaw) in respect of its client, a listed Dutch client that was due to make a significant acquisition in the UK. Alex Lever instructed our corporate department, headed by myself, on the basis of the good cooperation and understanding of the expertise that had been built up between our firms over the years, through the TAGLaw alliance. The transaction was completed in a tight timescale, and is an example of a good working relationship built between two members, allowing excellent service to be provided to the client.”

—Kevin Byrne; Clarkslegal LLP (Reading, England - TAGLaw)


"Clients of ours recently relocated to Australia, and were in need of legal advice on various matters, including disability and guardianship issues. Through TAGLaw, we were able to confidently refer our clients to Piper Alderman (New South Wales, Australia - TAGLaw), whose attorneys have been extremely responsive and provided our clients with the expert legal advice they needed."

-Brigid Heid of Carlile Patchen & Murphy (Ohio, USA - TAGLaw)